Co-Curricular Activities Fair (2012)

At the beginning of every fall semester, various local organizations and clubs have the opportunity to participate in a fair out on the front lawn of Asbury University. This gives the local organizations and clubs the opportunity to connect with Asbury students and explain to students ways to get involved.

Over the past few years it has been a tradition for the WGM booth to serve iced java – and it’s always a big hit! This year was no exception. The WGM student cabinet were a great help in setting up and running the booth for the Activities Fair. The pictures below attest to their dedication!

Unfortunately, the weather was not as cooperative this year as it has been in years past. For the first 45 minutes of the fair, ominous clouds slowly crept over our tents until they finally let loose upon us. People began running to the closest tent in order to hide from the rain. Though it was somewhat disappointing, having about 30 people crammed under a 10 x 10 tent provided opportunities for great conversation. The cabinet had a very captive audience for about 10-15 minutes to invite people to Global Cafe and explain how they can connect in missions through the WGM center!

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  1. Cydil says:

    Awww! Feels so strange not to be there! Thanks for all the pics, JP & Faith! Way to represent WGM on campus! ;-)

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