Asbury Spring Break Work Team – Albania, Day 2

The Asbury team sends greetings from Albania!

I received a phone call around 5:30 this evening (10:30 Albanian time) from Nathan Waggoner saying that the team has made it to Albania and everyone is doing well. No luggage was lost and connections in the airports went smoothly. Thanks for your prayers!!

Thanks to some creative flight scheduling by the Waggoners, the team’s first day in Albaia is a pretty easy one – they landed just in time to eat a bite of supper and then head to bed.

Jet lag? No problem!

The team will hit the ground running tomorrow morning. They plan to give us web updates around 5:30 (EST) each evening, so please keep checking the site!

- Jonathan Powers (enjoying the trip vicariously in Wilmore)


(I have posted a map below for any who are curious about the geography of Albania!)


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  1. Diana Naliborski says:

    Great to hear you are all safe…..PTL!!! Have a wonderful trip and hope you are all blessed and are a blessing to all those there. God Bless,

    Auntie Di ( Kelsey’s Aunt)

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