Day 9 – The Lions Den

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Today we had the opportunity to see some of the beautiful sites in Albania. We saw some of the excavated ruins of a Roman amphitheatre where we stood in a room in which would have been where the lions were kept. The lions would have been kept hungry so that they would be hungry before being set loose on the Christians. While I was in that room, I began asking myself, or maybe God was asking me, could I stand in the middle of an amphitheatre, watch the doors go up, and look into the eyes of a lion, knowing that in a few seconds I would feel lions teeth ripping into my body? I wanted to say yes, but I couldn’t. God has opened my eyes and heart to be willing to be willing to follow Him with all my heart, mind, and soul.
We also went to the Adriatic Sea and ate at a restaurant. It was nice to have a restful break and to hang out with some of the Albanians who came with us. Then we played with the kids at the center a bit more.
The coolest time was the church service and youth group this evening. It was so amazing to see the kids worshiping the Lord and learning about His word. During youth group some of us had the opportunity to share our testimonies with the group and share some of our struggles and thoughts. Before prayer, one of the girls lifted a request for our team and said that we are a blessing. In my head, I said, no you all are a blessing. The best reminder of the night was that our team has not brought Jesus to Vlashj, but that Jesus was already here and God has chosen to speak and act through us to show His love. I love these kids so much and I know that God’s love is so much deeper and so much greater than mine. We are all so sad to be leaving on Sunday, but we will enjoy the rest of our time and open our hearts and allow God’s light to shine.

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  1. Diana says:

    So proud of you. Continue to grow in The Lord. So happy HE is using you in a mighty way.

    Auntie Di

  2. Ray Lane says:

    Kelsey: well written. And well said. You have been in my prayers all week. It sounds like God is blessing all of you richly and allowing you to be a blessing to those you encounter. May God continue to bless you as you finish this trip and return home. But be prepared … The true culture shock occurs when you return home and look at our culture through fresh eyes.

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